Hometown: Canton, Michigan
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Recorded: 05/04/2007
Posted by Vinsanity on 01/24/2013.
love song & Love voice
sounds like you could be a country
singer or even more
Posted by rosemasque on 04/27/2009.
wow :)
Posted by ivasirinks on 01/27/2009.
You are a songbird! I love your voice,
it's strong and powerful, yet sweet.
Posted by DV8 on 09/15/2008.
I LOVE celtic woman too! This is one of
my favorites and I loooovvveeee your
voice! It's beautiful. I'd love to hear
more songs like this. :)
Posted by ever2green on 12/22/2007.
with a voice like yours you should be
professional!! Absolutely beautifull!!!
Id buy you records
Posted by weelady on 09/09/2007.
thank you!!!
Posted by kristyv on 09/09/2007.
You are amazing!
Posted by rkite on 08/12/2007.
Thank you!
Posted by kristyv on 06/01/2007.
You have a celtic tone! Makes me feel at
home! Well done! Very well suited, and
nice vibrato!
Posted by Pritchard on 05/15/2007.

Thank you for your kind comments! If
you could rate me I would really
appreciate it!

This girl with her "Angle "song is
killing me, but she is really good.

I'll listen to any songs you may have,
and do the same for you!

Thank you again,

Posted by kristyv on 05/15/2007.
Amazing! Such excellent control, and
every note is right on, even the high
ones. Great job!
Posted by edawgg34 on 05/07/2007.

I like listening to you as well!

Posted by kristyv on 05/07/2007.
I cant believe your voice... Its soo
beautiful an smooth yet strong... I love
Posted by farasha on 05/06/2007.
Stunning, just stunning. I remember
hearing the song in a lower register a
few times late at night in Ireland, but
your voice just left me speechless.
Posted by hugorudd on 05/06/2007.
WOW! Speechless, that's the best
compliment ever!

Posted by kristyv on 05/06/2007.
Thank you!

The CD is really awesome! Now these
girls can sing!

Posted by kristyv on 05/06/2007.
You have a beautiful voice Kirsty. I
dont know the song but I enjoyed it very
Posted by UKPhil on 05/06/2007.
Congrats on getting featured Kristy :)
Posted by w00fdawg on 05/06/2007.
Thanks! It's pretty cool!

Posted by kristyv on 05/06/2007.
You sing this beautifully, best thing
you have done so far Kristy! Great
Posted by w00fdawg on 05/04/2007.
Thanks, I love Celtic Women.

Posted by kristyv on 05/04/2007.
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