Age: 26
Hometown: Costa Rica
About me:
I LOVE to sing, so I hope you enjoy the covers I made of the songs! :)
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Recorded: 03/18/2011
Posted by gg12 on 12/08/2014.
Perfect!!! Woohoooo, you have made
MiDoMi staff happy, for sure (since they
want acapellaS) - but now, a friend's
request: pls, do it again, with a
playback, geeee.... it'll be something
fantastic, I'm sure of that! ;)
Besitosssss, desde Brazil to Costa
Rica. :D
Posted by diva-br on 04/09/2011.
Don't listen to Diva, ulafa.
Posted by HowardH on 04/09/2011.
Oops! forgot to add *****
Posted by HowardH on 04/09/2011.
I LOVE to get comments from you guys!
You two are so nice :)
Oh, so they like acapellas? That's
But I'll do it again with a playback
like you said if you want :)
And it rules indeed Howard! I like your
acapella versions of the songs!
Thanks for the comments! Saludis desde
Costa Rica!!!!
Posted by ulafa on 04/14/2011.
Originally, MiDoMi was set up to create
a melody database. Their search engine
only works with one-note melodies.
That's why they want acapella songs.

But singing with musical accompaniment
is more fun sometimes, so yes! Please do
this Paparazzi again with a backing
track. ...for Diva! (^_^)
Posted by HowardH on 04/14/2011.
Ahahaha.. I agree with ulafa, you two
are nice :D hahaha.. and i like
acappella too sometimes.. it gives a
special atmosphere to the song hahah..

Great job ulafa!! :) :)
Posted by simmy on 04/15/2011.
nicely rendered keep sharing
Posted by dr.pravin on 03/31/2011.
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