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cantare ..[.per dimenticare..]....per ricordare ........e per non annoiarsi !
la "gelosia "non è più di moda
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Recorded: 12/02/2010
Sorelle Marinetti is very known here in
Good job my friend
Posted by rosamusic on 12/15/2010.
gegè thanks...but you confused with the
Trio Lescano,of DUTCH origin,famous in
Italy years\40,...le Sorelle Marinetti
are actually[in realtà 3 uomini,an
actor,and a dancer an opera singer
reinventing the song of that era,I saw
their show in theather,they are very
good and have a great success,...I
really love the swing...
Posted by kryspaul on 12/15/2010.
Bellisimo cantar*******
Hermosa canzone********
Posted by pagarvi on 12/15/2010.
grazie Pat,..è un genere "swing" che
amo molto ed è piacevole da cantare
,....questa canzone è del 1939.......
Posted by kryspaul on 12/15/2010.
non e piu di moda??? Io credo
Posted by pagarvi on 12/15/2010.
...purtroppo hai ragione...
Posted by kryspaul on 12/15/2010.
..è un altro omaggio alla bravura e
simpatia ,al bel canto....alle SORELLE
MARINETTI ed alle bellissime canzoni
anni \30 \40
Posted by kryspaul on 12/02/2010.
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