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Age: 27
Hometown: bhubaneswar
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Recorded: 01/08/2009
Notes: one of my favourite songs by shreya ghoshal
Beti suchismita !!!
Your pure and sweet voice have entered
in my soul !!!!
This song and lyrics if you want to
truely enjoy check tawassar khanum
Posted by skjaindoha on 02/11/2011.
Posted by balludolly on 04/20/2009.
thanks dolly ji
Posted by suchismita on 04/20/2009.
Congrats for reaching on the midomi
Posted by bapia1 on 04/08/2009.
thanks.din't expect it so soon
Posted by suchismita on 04/08/2009.
wow you are really good suchismita you
got a good voice you can sing shreya
ghoshal songs very well she is my fav.
singer well done keep singing like this
waiting for more like this
Posted by sabirrafi on 04/02/2009.
thanks shreya ji's my fav too
Posted by suchismita on 04/08/2009.
very well sung... very well sung... nice
voice u hve.... ********** jee.... song
is little more slow i thing ... but this
is fine ....
Posted by kodax4 on 03/23/2009.
thanks for ur encouraging comment i will
definitely try to note the points.
Posted by suchismita on 03/23/2009.
lovelyyyyyyyy sung.
Posted by vikramkuma on 02/26/2009.
Posted by suchismita on 02/27/2009.
u got a very sweet voice pl sing songs
with karoake, u will learn lot of
keep on it up.
Posted by rampalss7 on 02/26/2009.
thanq sir I m trying to learn.kindly
listen to my songs zarazara and tanha
dil which i have tried with karaoke.and
awaiting your comments for improvement
Posted by suchismita on 02/27/2009.
Bahut accha gaya apney suchismita ji.
You have a good voice, keep singing more
and if possible with karaoke tracks
available on geetnet or smashhits.
Posted by bapia1 on 01/08/2009.
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