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I really love good music.Old hindi songs and marathi songs are my favourits.
Ye Dil Tum Bin Kahin Lagta Nahin
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Recorded: 01/22/2011
Notes: HUM KYA KAREN.....???? AAP KI YAAD ME....!!
Beautiful singing Pramod bhai.very good
song choice too.Hamaara dil bhi aap ke
baghair lagta nahi...hum kya karen
Posted by Jaiideep on 12/25/2012.
Thank you very much Jaideep....Aap to
hamare dil me bas gaye ho...aap gate
jayiye...hum sunate rahenge!
Posted by kpramod on 12/26/2012.
Pramodji ,,as normal i say for you and
your singing,,,,very good one must
hogaye hum (GUM=Gham)
Posted by mahmoodhaf on 01/26/2011.
Thanks a lot Mahmoodbhai....seeing you
after a long long time....was really
missing you here on midomi!
Posted by kpramod on 01/27/2011.
bahut achhi pasand n bahut achha gaya h
aapne pramod ji
Posted by sk.sikar on 01/27/2011.
Bahut bahut shukriya doctor sahab.
Posted by kpramod on 01/27/2011.
waah pramod ji ..aapke gayaki ke liye
kuchh likhna to sooraj ko roshni dikhana
hoga ....kamaal ka gaya aapne....superb
Posted by kberry on 01/26/2011.
Thank you so much Kamaleshji....i know
this song is very close to your taste of
music...thanks for listening and your
Posted by kpramod on 01/26/2011.
lijye sir armaan poore kar hee liye
humne Rafi saheb ka poora stanza ga kar
..jiske liye apko itna paresham kar diya
.gustakhi maaf sir !!!
Posted by skjaindoha on 01/24/2011.
cip 1
Posted by skjaindoha on 01/24/2011.
Wah !! beautiful pramodji :)
.........hum loot gaye :)))
Posted by ananya67 on 01/23/2011.
........:):)!!! Tumhi kehedo hum kya
Posted by kpramod on 01/23/2011.
This song was sung before your version
of "Tumne Pukara aur Hum Chale Aaye".
Good sequencing and extremely good
singing, Pramodbhai.
Posted by schandar20 on 01/23/2011.
Ha ha ha ha has to
be that way ...isn't it? If the sequence
is reversed , it will have a different
meaning.....:):)!Thanks for listening &
appreciating...a really tough song to
Posted by kpramod on 01/23/2011.
SINGING..FLAWLESS***************** ****
Posted by moses123 on 01/23/2011.
Thank you sooo much Mosesbhai...& I am
proude of being your fan too...!!ou have
benn singing better & better through
each of your performances!
Posted by kpramod on 01/23/2011.
Thank you soooo much Roopa....for
listening and appreciating...i know it
is very difficult to do justice to these
type of songs...but can't resist singing
as always.....:):)!
Posted by kpramod on 01/23/2011.
clip3...sir speakers slow kar lijiyega
!!!!he he he poore josh mein hoon na
!!!! aur mujhe aap sab ke kanon ka
khayaal aa gaya !!!!
Posted by skjaindoha on 01/24/2011.
Ye dil tum bin kaheen lagta naheen, hum
kya karein !!!!
Kalam ke jadoogar Sahir saheb ki ye
peshkash ...dil ko chhoo gaye sir !!!!
aur aapki singing wallah !!!!!ab saheb
humare bhee armaan bhadak uthe....suniye
fir !!!!!original track and rafee saheb
ke saath apne fisaddee Jain saheb ke
saath !!!! kyonki, karaoke dhoondna aur
uske saath singing, humaare bas ki baat
naheen !!!! Aap logon jaise expert ,sir
hum to naheen !!!!haan watch video se 5
anmol khazaane bhee mil gaye humko !!!!
pahunch jaate hain you tube par !!!!!
Posted by skjaindoha on 01/24/2011.
beautifull song, sung beautifully pramod
Posted by janabezia on 01/23/2011.
Thank you Ziabhai...for sparing your
time for listening and your ever
encouraging compliments!
Posted by kpramod on 01/23/2011.
Again my favourite song sir. And nice
singing by u like original. Kuch old
song bahut hi lajawaab hai. Jinme se ek
ye bhi hai.
Posted by dishantmid on 01/25/2011.
Thanks a lot Dishant...these are some
immortal gems of yesteryears!!
Posted by kpramod on 01/26/2011.
bahut hi madhur aur sureela gaya hai
pramod bhaiya.
feel cool.
Posted by mks2208 on 01/25/2011.
Thank you so much Mahendrabhai...and
really nice to see you back...i am aware
the kind of trauma you must have
undergone...but as you know...the show
must go on...!!May her soul rest in
Posted by kpramod on 01/26/2011.
clip 2
Posted by skjaindoha on 01/24/2011.
Guru Bhai..namaste..Nothing to say for
your sweet voice and besitiful singing.
Thanks for sahring good music.
Posted by koku on 01/24/2011.
Excuse Gurubhai..I couldn't control as
this is very very sweet song from all aa gaya
Saab..kya music le aaye aap..respect n
Posted by koku on 01/24/2011.
Wah....kya baat have really
beautiful voice Gurubhai....and i noted
little variations in the tune which are
more melodious than what i have
Posted by kpramod on 01/25/2011.
very well done dear pramod ji ......too
Posted by dr.pravin on 01/23/2011.
Thanks a lot of the
classics of old times...and your
clipping taks me to some beautiful
unknown teritory...nice song!
Posted by kpramod on 01/23/2011.
Rafi saheb ki silky voice ka khayal aa
gaya sir...therefore rerecorded !!!! bas
ek stanza aur ...ghabraiye naheen sir
Posted by skjaindoha on 01/24/2011.
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