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Recorded: 02/09/2008
Notes: From the soundtrack of the film "1492: Conquest of Paradise" (Ridley Scott, 1992). The lyrics are in no actual language, a pseudo Latin (wordpainting). Even if Vangelis forgot to mention, the melody is based on "la Folia", fertility dance originating in the late 15th century. To render the choir my voice is in 3 tracks: two low voices and the third is one octave higher.
Just a 'little' word: WONDEERFUL!!!!!
Posted by Rayo on 04/26/2009.
Obrigado Rayane, Um beijo grande!
Posted by Heracleum on 04/27/2009.
Sussyno all'ennesima potenza!!!
Sussy, qui sussurri assaje!
Posted by soffio on 04/09/2009.
Ma boh, questa m'ha proprio stupito
quanto sia diventata 'popolare', sia per
il fatto che non pensavo fosse così
noto il brano sia soprattutto perché
non me lo merito proprio :) se
ascoltassi ciascuna delle 3 tracce
vocali da sola ti metteresti le mani fra
i capelli :D
Posted by Heracleum on 04/10/2009.
ma non è possibile!!!
mi fai commuovere + di prima!!!!!
Posted by soffio on 04/09/2009.
Posted by soffio on 04/09/2009.
Posted by soffio on 04/09/2009.
As the saying goes, "Meglio tardi che
"Better late than never."
And after all, I'm only a little more
than one year late, so no big deal.

Ahh, it's quite professional-sounding!

(That must be why it's high on the list
of Midomis' all-time greatest hits.)
Three vocal tracks? (!)
Well done, Hera!
Posted by HowardH on 03/26/2009.
Hi Howard! I remember I was more
interested in this music itself rather
than "singing a song" :) so I spent more
time changing sounds, instruments,
changing all the Synths into some
acoustic instrument like violin, strings
etc.. while voice tracks where recorded
like "bòna la prima" :D (='first take
is the good one')
Posted by Heracleum on 03/29/2009.
Really, Hera?
Just one take on the vocals?
That shows us what knowing the music
well can do for us!

Do you suppose there is some kind of
lesson in there for us? After all,
neither of us is ever gonna be a great
singer, so we should sing songs we love,
relax, and do it in one take. (It
probably won't be any better on the
second take!! Hahaha.)

All kidding aside: Well done.
Posted by HowardH on 03/30/2009.
Eheh yes but wait, quick'n'dirty
recorded tracks are OK if you want to
render a "choir".. all the
mistakes/inaccuracy creates a nice
effect inside a choir.. but for a
lead-vocals track if I leave the very
first take I could commit a crime
against audience's ears :)
Posted by Heracleum on 04/01/2009.
Ach! Leave it to you, Hera, to come up
with a technically sound reason why I
should try to sing better! Haha.
Posted by HowardH on 04/01/2009.
Beautiful music, but where are you ?
Maybe the music was overhearsing the
voices a little bit too much.. ? Or
maybe you wanted it to be so ? But it
stays a lovely song...
Posted by misspronce on 11/14/2008.
Uhm.. maybe you're listening through
speakers? (low frequencies usualy are
cut) because i'm listening now with
headphones and I hear "the heracleumS"
:D even louder than I planned to eheh
btw I expected this one to stay in a
corner for years, no visitors, and I'm
so surprised it has usually the highest
score (?) I didn't imagine this song to
be so popular... and probably listeners
didn't expect to find a rendition of
this one on midomi :D
Posted by Heracleum on 11/14/2008.
WOWOWOW!!! Fabulousssss, Heracleum,
really great idea to record Vangelis,
sounding wonderful! Thanks a lot for
sharing this too, my friend! :)))
PS.: I'd like you to know that the
pieces of info you usually post on the
recordings' notes are truly useful and
appreciated, thanks!
Posted by diva-br on 05/03/2008.
And back, to celebrate with you your
Conquest Of The First Page againnn,
well-deserved, my friend!
Cheeeers!!! :D
Posted by diva-br on 05/08/2008.
Woohoooo, and it's on the first page
again, my friend! I can't help but
coming to celebrate with you once more,
yeahhh! :D
See?! Real good things do deserve a
BIS! ;)
Posted by diva-br on 06/10/2008.
bravo listen to my song my life
Posted by shmoo on 05/02/2008.
¡ Saludos a tu amica rana rené que e
famosa per te!!!!!
Posted by pagarvi on 05/02/2008.
Oh Heracleum, io te admiro molto, sei
geniale,io quisiera poder dominar la
tecnología para hacer más grande la
música, io felicito a te
sinceramente,sei único en midomi, y uno
de los pocos o quizás el único en
midomi, questa canzone e
meraviglioza!!!stellas para tí!!!!!
Posted by pagarvi on 05/02/2008.
BRAVO 5*****. CIAO.
Posted by saverio on 05/02/2008.
Hera sei semplicemente fenomenale :)
Posted by nd82 on 05/02/2008.
Questa è musica allo stato
puro!!Bellissima Heruccio!!5*...Bacio a
Posted by fania on 05/02/2008.
ciao Zeros e Mino, continuo a stupirmi
perché già il pezzo penso sia poco
conosciuto, per di più diciamo che non
è un tipico brano da karaoke :D con
questi "mmmh-mh-mmh" eheh grazie, ciao!
Posted by Heracleum on 05/02/2008.
ormai ti stai proprio sbizarrendo!!*_*
anche le colonne sonore in pseudo
avessi un minimo della pazienza che hai
a missare tutto...XD
io registro direttamente dallo studio
di midomi per qnt so
grande hera,cme sempre professional!;)
Posted by SIMO1988 on 05/02/2008.
Ah ho inviato il commento (sotto) ed è
comparso il tuo msg ;) Beh lo dici a me
che sono un maestro in pigrizia =) però
ecco, se c'ho un brutto attacco di
pigrizia (come in queste settimane)
proprio non muovo un dito, altro che
registratore di midomi, proprio nulla :D
:D Grazie Simo
Posted by Heracleum on 05/02/2008.
Ciao Hera!
Semplicemente fantastico.
5***** for you!
Posted by ZEROS on 05/02/2008.
capolavoro 5 stelle vangelis inimitabile
Posted by ricca on 04/30/2008.
Mhh I don't know, for sure Vangelis
wrote the entire soundtrack expressly
for the movie 1942.. I quickly checked
"the Last of the Mohicans" soundtrack
titles but I don't find this one, maybe
used in some trailer?
Thanks for listening =)
Posted by Heracleum on 04/22/2008.
Urca!! ora ti manca un Musical!!!
Posted by Morbillo on 04/16/2008.
hehehe come "manca un Musical"?? c'è
c'è! eheh per es. "Eddie's Teddy", la
penultima registrazione più recente, è
del musical the Rocky Horror Show ;) e
ce ne sono altre 3 o 4 sempre dello
stesso. Grazie della visita amico ;)
Posted by Heracleum on 04/16/2008.
wow this is amazing hera!!! 5 stars for
you, really it's great keep it up
Posted by goth_moonF on 04/16/2008.
Oh my.. All these comments and no reply,
sorry and a BIG "Thank You" to everybody
here; I'm very surprised really, I
didn't expect this song to be popular ;)
Posted by Heracleum on 04/15/2008.
I love this song soooo much...thx for
sharing!!! =D
Posted by Marushkaya on 04/15/2008.
ciao Hera!
ammazza che bravo che sei!
come sempre...
pero' vamme a senti pure te e votame .
Intanto 5 stelle per te.
Ciao da Zeros
Posted by ZEROS on 04/11/2008.
WOW! truly...it's fabulous!...what can I
say? You are superb my friend...very
proud of you, 5***** well done!
Posted by mitchie on 04/11/2008.
I'm impressed...out of words...gr8
Posted by dorota21 on 04/05/2008.
pure music, nice from you to share.
Posted by mirefel on 03/30/2008.
Thank you! uhoh.. now I notice.. a few
album covers -the image on the left of
the rendition- have changed!
Posted by Heracleum on 03/06/2008.
Posted by szszgerda on 03/06/2008.
Posted by soffio on 02/21/2008.
wow, I was very surprised to find that
somebody had recorded this song here!
Great job you have done with it ! :-))
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/19/2008.
Eheh yes, as you can read above, we're
all surprised.. even myself for
recording this =) Thank you Fallingsta!
Posted by Heracleum on 02/21/2008.
honestly, vangelis is one of my all time
favs and it's amazing what you did with
this:) i was quite surprised when i saw
that you have this recorded:)
Posted by Biscuit on 02/14/2008.
I'm surprised as well to see a comment
on this song :D I love this CD, even if
my favourite track is actually "28th
Parallel" which -as you know- is the
same melody of this one but different
intro and piano. Thank you!
Posted by Heracleum on 02/14/2008.
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