Age: 38
Hometown: Venice (Italy)
Listens 1637    Comments 46    
Recorded: 01/30/2007
wow..that was wonderful! i like the way
you sing..
Posted by Jenifer_M on 11/19/2008.
So So So good! I will run out of
adjectives trying to describe what a
beautiful voice you have. You really
have the right voice for this genre of
music. 5 stars till the end of time.
Posted by DV8 on 10/13/2008.
You can be my teacher. I will respect
you till the end. Incomparable.
Posted by mirefel on 07/24/2008.
I love it
Posted by bhentongbo on 06/05/2008.
Love it!!!
Posted by Silfrigo on 12/28/2007.
Very nice.
Posted by fonzie on 12/12/2007.
I love your voice for this song :)
Posted by Yuniea on 11/04/2007.
Such a big talent!
Posted by normar on 10/13/2007.
really love this
Posted by Busyless4 on 10/03/2007.
MJ89, Keyvan, carmen_79, wOOfdawg,
songbird, Vesper, vincentvl... THANK
YOU! I love you! :)
Posted by Almachiara on 10/01/2007.
Posted by vincentvl on 07/22/2007.
:) You made me smile and dream about the
man I'll love one day... you've got a
fantastic voice!
Posted by Vesper on 05/28/2007.
Fabulous!! YOu are a true talent!!
Posted by songbird on 05/25/2007.
Delicious.................. bah ...... I
just did a version and yours is much
better than mine, though I did try!
Where on earth are you? Such a great
singer should come back and sing.
Posted by w00fdawg on 05/24/2007.
jazzy and hot! very good!
Posted by carmen_79 on 05/02/2007.
I miss you.
Posted by Keyvan on 04/28/2007.
wow....just wow. your officially my
favortie <3
Posted by MJ89 on 04/25/2007.
Thank you gumea and w.illemijn :)
Posted by Almachiara on 04/02/2007.
its good
Posted by w.illemijn on 03/15/2007.
its got soul!
Posted by gumea on 03/14/2007.
Thank you Jtoonice4u!
I'll listen to you soon, I'm very
Posted by Almachiara on 03/11/2007.
wonderful! absolutely wonderful! be
sure to check out my songs and rate them
Posted by Jtoonice4u on 03/08/2007.
This sounds great! Bravaaaaa
Posted by benozzo71 on 02/24/2007.
Bella_baby! Me? Lessons?? Nooo... I 've
never attended courses...
I sing... with my heart! This is a
perfect excusing for my not perfect way
to sing ;)
Thank you! To you and Mayula!
Amy :)
Posted by Almachiara on 02/23/2007.
it´s wonderfull
Posted by mayula on 02/22/2007.
MAZAInG>>>>> give me lesssonsssssss
Posted by bella_baby on 02/22/2007.
Amy :)
Posted by Almachiara on 02/22/2007.
Canzone splendida, come la tua voce!
Tantissimi complimenti!
Posted by Franza on 02/22/2007.
Brilliant - Wonderful voice........
Posted by suezcanal1 on 02/22/2007.
WOWW!!! Tu as vraiment une belle voix
pour chanter ce genre de chanson !!! Je
t'écouterais chanter ce genre de
chanson pendant des heures. Chantes-en
plein d'autre encore!! Sincèrement
Posted by cocci23 on 02/21/2007.
great voice
Posted by leilan on 02/19/2007.
brava! bella voce, ottima scelta... che
altro dire? ho votato per te
Posted by on 02/19/2007.
grande... semplicemente grande... Cmq
finalmente un po di italiano qui
dentro... Piacere, Cristina da Milano...
complimenti ancora x la voce...
Posted by jt_kriss on 02/19/2007.
lol. good
Posted by bella_baby on 02/15/2007.
Great emotive voice! You remind of
another jazz singer I really like -
Sarah Vaughn.

Here's a bunch of her songs:
Posted by kevin on 02/14/2007.
Kevin, your comment is too much for me!

I know Sarah Vaughn, I love she!!! With
Ella and Billie Holiday...
they are legends!
Thank you sooooooo much!
Amy :)
Posted by Almachiara on 02/14/2007.
Not bad. How much?!?1
Posted by Dispatcher on 02/14/2007.
Maybe too much...
Thank you dispatcher!
Posted by Almachiara on 02/14/2007.
Thanks to all for your comments! :)
Posted by Almachiara on 02/11/2007.
Wow! Ilaria, mi fai commuovere (non so
come si dica in inglese... ma per
fortuna ci capiamo anche così ;))!
Posted by Almachiara on 02/11/2007.
Bravissima!!! I love your voice and the
way you use it! Your singing express
deep feeling! Great! Riesci ad esprimere
sentimento con la tua voce, brava!!
E poi si sente che ti diverti ad
improvvisare! Bravissima!
Posted by ilaria on 02/11/2007.
very nice
Posted by mzmelodie on 02/10/2007.
Good job!
Posted by kamyar on 02/09/2007.
Good job!
Posted by kamyar on 02/09/2007.
Thank you Keyvan! :)
Posted by Almachiara on 01/30/2007.
Wow great.
Posted by Keyvan on 01/30/2007.
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