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M'aimeras tu toujours?
Martin Koums
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Recorded: 07/30/2008
Really wonderful, and singing in french,
but yu are chinese? and do you live i
London ? and singing reggae?
GREAT!!! ^^
************!!! AND MORE!
Posted by pagarvi on 08/25/2010.
Just discovered midomi, and got lucky
right away by having this song rendered
by quochuy played back after I chose
French reggae. What a nice, mellow voice
to keep me company on a rainy afternoon!
Thanks for having recorded and shared
Posted by ka67 on 09/19/2009.
It's been a long time I haven't checked
my account. Wasn't expecting to get any

I'm glad you like that song from
Posted by quochuy on 08/12/2010.
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