R.I.P. to Selena,M.J. and all others who are deep in my
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Age: 35
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Recorded: 01/04/2008
Notes: My dear listeners,I'm so happy that u've listened 2 it so many times-but still don't know what u think about it,so PLZ!!!comment my songs and rate it,u know how important it is 4 us;-)xxx greetings
You did well to sing THOSE lyrics so
Surely this is Llorando Se Fue, and NOT
Posted by DarylMc666 on 01/02/2014.
grazzie soffio!!!...(*^*)
Posted by dorota21 on 05/10/2008.
Posted by soffio on 05/06/2008.
yeah,I agree with you...well,yellow
garden and paki,paki are hindi...but
will rec more hindi
Posted by dorota21 on 04/06/2008.
u sung this song little fast, any how
good sung. keep it up.
can u sing any hindi sing.
do u like hindi songs???
Posted by rampalss7 on 04/06/2008.
muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuah,u're ain't worse
girl-have a gr8 day;
Posted by dorota21 on 03/07/2008.
Great. Love the song anyway but
fantastic smoky vocals. x
Posted by loubougal on 03/07/2008.
Thank you Rudyjansen 4 such a kind
words,I'm pleased 2 hear that-be sure
I'm gonna check your stuff out as
Posted by dorota21 on 03/07/2008.
Well done, Dorota. good for listening.
5*'s 4U. Bye, Rudy
Posted by rudyjansen on 03/07/2008.
Ofcourse,I'm very pleased 2 hear any
suggestions,thank u so much Mitchie.I
see you love animals too,greate-my pets
are 1 of few reasons 4 living 4 me
Posted by dorota21 on 02/18/2008.
Wow! dorota, that was really nice! You
have beautiful and very strong voice, I
like it!
One favor though can you give us,,,
English version too...please? Any song
will do,,,,thanks, ^_^
Posted by mitchie on 02/17/2008.
Thank u,I was waitng 4 the moment when
u'll listen 2 this rendition-I think
it's the best 1 of me.And I love the end
AY AY AY!!!lol.Would u listen 2 "Donde
Andaras",and comment it-it's important 4
me,'couse I love this song,and not many
people listened 2 it,and no one has
commented it.Thx-now I'm gonna check the
rest of u're renditions,that I didn't
listen 2:-).
Posted by dorota21 on 02/09/2008.
This is firstclass!Muyto booooommm
dorota!5 stars!
Posted by normar on 02/09/2008.
ur voice is so strong and powerfull
simply beautiful (^_^) i loved ur high
Posted by cutevoice on 01/29/2008.
I didnt understand it but i enjoyed it!
Posted by TerrieMac on 01/07/2008.
Hey TerriMac,thx 4 listening-i'm really
glad u like it,couse people rather
listen,but dont comment at all-and i
wait 4 comments.Be sure,i'll check u're
records and write what i think about
Posted by dorota21 on 01/07/2008.
Posted by apolinar on 01/13/2008.
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