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Recorded: 03/27/2007
Notes: This is my favourite song of all time. Please feel free to critique or comment on it. I would really appreciate it. Thank You xxx
zomg.. this is like.. AMAZING! i would
totally buy this.. get famous!
Posted by justme... on 04/06/2010.
Posted by chrisb on 10/30/2008.
Very nice voice! :)Diane
Posted by DV8 on 10/29/2008.
Singing comes to you so are a great talent!
Posted by kunidanif on 04/21/2008.
great voice! i like it , very good!
Posted by nikko on 04/13/2008.
wow... i love how you added a bit of
you're own harmony and it sounds great!
keep on singing!
Posted by cdn_chika on 02/05/2008.
Pretty great!!!
Posted by bluezippy on 01/30/2008.
Beautiful! I loved it.
Posted by Jennah_goo on 09/07/2007.
WOW! you are great! Stars!
Posted by kristyv on 05/24/2007.
great version.More please
Posted by UKPhil on 05/12/2007.
That was awesome and you didn't sound
flat like they do every time they sing
live:) I was really impressed. I have
always said that singing was my passion
as well. You are very talented. Don't
let anything stop from singing. Give me
a listen. I welcome advice!
Posted by songbird on 04/14/2007.
You did awesome! From adding your own
notes to add that bit to show its yours,
the smoothness of your tone, and keeping
on tune.
Maybe add a little less notes next
time, though? So we can hear your voice
better, and less "I can do this"

Bravi!! One of my favorite versions
done of this song :)

Posted by Tinuel on 04/14/2007.

You sound pretty good!

I've received two tips that have been

1. Actually try and lift something when
you're singing ie:desk, chair, whatever.
for some reason it pulls the voice up,
try to get a feeling of what this feels
like, then emulate that feeling without
the desk.

2.Take a deep breath like you're
smelling something wonderful! Use your
nose,this is how the diaphragm is
suppose to feel like to have total
breath control.

You do sound pretty good! Well done!

Posted by kristyv on 04/13/2007.
WOW !!!! **SIGH** so amazing. Honey, you
got it ;o)
Posted by gammy on 04/09/2007.
your really good!! Just remember that
you don't have to add too much stuff
into it, just be natural!!!
but your really good 8 out of 10 man
Posted by dotndash on 04/08/2007.
i love this song anyways, but you did a
great job. Its great to hear a guy sing
a slowsong
Posted by damseldiva on 04/05/2007.
I like the fact that you didn't feel it
necessary to "copy" the artist's style.
You made the song your own and that
sounds nice. I'd like to hear more from
you with a little less decoration to
each note -- your voice is wonderful and
it would be nice to hear you sit on a
pure tone for a few beats. Keep
singing, you have a great voice! 5 out
of 5!
Posted by SugarNCamo on 04/05/2007.
great, fantastic. Very nice voice!
Posted by puramnesia on 04/05/2007.
Great job! You have a wonderful
voice.....keep singing!!
Posted by JadedJewel on 04/02/2007.
very,very nice micheal. it's so nice to
har such a beautiful voice as are many
voices on here. eveyone is a star,and
for that i will give u5.good job.
Posted by SHAIDEBABY on 03/30/2007.
Very nice, never heard of the song bu
lovely nonetheless!
Posted by Pritchard on 03/30/2007.
Thank you guys for all your encouraging
words. You're all stars. Love Ya.
Michael xxx
Posted by gapmichael on 03/30/2007.
You sound awesome. Great job!
Posted by Amir on 03/30/2007.
wow, you've got some voice! Awesome job!
Posted by Naz on 03/30/2007.
Super rendition, your voice is
beautiful. Bravo!
Posted by GausS on 03/30/2007.
You sound great !!
Posted by HDMC on 03/30/2007.
This is the best version of this song on
here, you sing it beautifully and
clearly put your heart into it. Please
sing more songs - I hope you know some
Irish songs, your voice is ideal of folk
Posted by w00fdawg on 03/27/2007.
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