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Recorded: 02/26/2007
really nice got goosebumps all over
check me out if you want to... 5*
Posted by staulis on 02/21/2010.
really great voice!!!! I could listen to
this all day!! lol 5 Stars
Posted by NaNa18000 on 09/28/2009.
That was so good you should check out
some singing agencies!
Posted by SwirlyGirl on 05/07/2009.
I love your voice
You are reallyyyyyyyy superstar:-D
Posted by BrokenLulu on 01/04/2009.
Your voice is smooth and sultry -
perfect match for this song! I love it.
Posted by DV8 on 09/17/2008.
Oh my goodness that sounds beautiful!
5*****for you!
Posted by Cocoliche on 09/02/2008.
Your voice is beautiful, best regards
from Adam
Posted by ADAMB on 07/28/2008.
Hello, Well you have a very beautiful
Well oiled, like its recording ...
Congratulations, 5 *****
Kiss ...
Posted by Ana_Junior on 07/13/2008.
bravo great voice
Posted by vincentvl on 05/27/2008.
cdg-s are clear backings with no
voice.. you record your voice in your
comp and thank you mix cdg-s are
from Soundchoise..all you need is a mic
..a back (cdg) and a program to mix
..and u need time and patience of
Posted by Haadaway on 04/18/2008.
great voice...why don't u use cdg-s??..u
could sound much more great..with a
voice like yours u can sing the
phonebook at great range..u just got
more 5 stars from me..
Posted by Haadaway on 04/18/2008.
Thank you so much. :) What are cdg-s??
Posted by Jenna424 on 04/18/2008.
beautiful singing
Posted by rossella_5 on 04/04/2008.
like buttah!
Posted by dimplemonk on 03/09/2008.
very good rendition , 5 stars for a star
Posted by big on 02/13/2008.
This is a GREAT song, and you do it
really nicely! I like it :D.

Check my stuff out too please if you
can b bothered :)
Posted by mushy on 08/28/2007.
Very Very nice. Your voice is soo sweet!
Posted by playboy on 08/07/2007.
powerful and sweet
Posted by Luke5 on 08/07/2007.
Posted by retro on 06/07/2007.
What a sweet voice, great rendition!
Posted by jazzgirl on 06/07/2007.
You have a very pretty voice! Good job
Posted by jashaunte on 03/13/2007.
Very nice!
Posted by JadedJewel on 03/06/2007.
nice comment me :) good job
Posted by Blue-toxic on 02/28/2007.
Good job!
Posted by kamyar on 02/27/2007.
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