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Age: 49
Hometown: utrecht
About me:
I am a multi musician who play's and sings his recorded songs. My old account known as "MASTI" does not work anymore....  [ more ]
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Recorded: 09/14/2011
Notes: Masti is back you all you lovers. My previous account does not work anymore, so i had to make a new account. A nice song for all the bewafa's also liste to the song on youtube
A beautiful and soulful singing... ...
you performed it with great expression
and dedication
Posted by Jaiideep on 03/01/2013.
welcome back masti bhai.bahut dino ke
baad tumhari aawaaz sun raha hoon, bahut
achha lag raha hai.jahan tak singing ki
baat hai to excellent performance as
usual.keep singing and sharing like
Posted by sanjayagra on 09/19/2011.
thank you sanjay. berie gushi hoewie ye
djjan ker ki hamari awaaz ko log abhi
tak pasand ker re he hai.
Posted by kenneth. on 09/19/2011.
great sir....beautiful song and
beautiful singing.
Posted by a_m on 09/17/2011.
thank you djie. thanks for listening
Posted by kenneth. on 09/19/2011.
Wah! Wah! Great singing, Kenneth. I saw
your comment on a song in Radha's
Profile, Radha21. I am Chandar & Radha
is my wife. I have sent a friend request
to you. Kindly accept the same and do
hear my songs in my Profile, Schandar20
Posted by schandar20 on 09/16/2011.
Are koku saab, aap to aasmaan per hi
bithai diya. May theira aam aadmi djo
music ka kadar ker ta hai.Bhagwaan ki
den hai, ki music bhi compose kar sak ta
hoo, aur ga bhi sakta hoo. At least try
karta hoo. Ha agar aap sab ko pasand aya
ho, to mai bahut goesj hoo, ye sun kar.
It gives me more energy to make more
songs. Thanks for listening, and loving
the song.
Posted by kenneth. on 09/16/2011.
Namaste Kenneth ! I am so much impressed
by a piece of art singing here. My
friend, Everything is so excellent and find no words my's real absolute music I would are fantastic, bombastic and
superb and mindblwing. great guy ! great
music masti ! agar zindagi rahi to ek
baar zaroor mulaqat karoonga.. mere
dost..thanks for singing n sharing. you
r clips in your songs are such a nice
one..your voice and music kept me tied
on my seat even after listeng it several
times..there is something more you are
contributing in this song then in
original..I love the feel you bring in
your voice and recite. GOD BLESS YOU !!
Posted by koku on 09/15/2011.
excuse..I refer to clip on you tube as
such I could n't leave a note ..may be
my settings are changed..but certainly
you made my day today with newer and
better song selection and best music I
heard today..once again thanks for
sharing it etiher sites.
Posted by koku on 09/15/2011.
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