haven't been on in 1499 days and I think I'll come and record something!! :) Excited!!!
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Age: 32
Hometown: North Carolina
About me:
I'm a FULL TIME college student in N.C. Music is my 1st LOVE! I enjoy singing....ALL THE TIME! I sing, dance, model a...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 04/08/2008
Notes: I absolutely LOVE Rihanna's new song!! I hope u like my rendition!!
I rarely comment something in internet,
but here I couldn't do this. You have a
big talent! Respect from Russia)
Posted by Iuliia on 11/14/2014.
Posted by SHR1997 on 08/14/2014.
You could honestly get a contract
Posted by KettiexD on 08/09/2014.
Posted by zswzh123 on 06/30/2013.
Posted by Mary_Queen on 06/13/2013.
How about voice of ... ?
Posted by asli97 on 06/08/2013.
Posted by DeadHambe on 06/08/2013.
Posted by zswzh123 on 06/30/2013.
hambe horse dead no
Posted by SadDaddy on 06/07/2013.
Posted by SadDaddy on 06/07/2013.
ur so ugly wen u cry
Posted by SadDaddy on 06/07/2013.
Posted by Quarantine on 06/12/2013.
Posted by cat..... on 06/06/2013.
Awesome... just keep it up.
Posted by Quarantine on 05/31/2013.
awsome...!!! love it
Posted by steffannie on 05/31/2013.
She sings good
Posted by cutandsexy on 05/24/2013.
awesome job!
Posted by vicboo10 on 08/08/2012.
good voice girl :)
Posted by Julia_7 on 03/29/2012.
Love you voice!
Posted by NikitaMira on 11/01/2011.
Beautiful c:
Posted by HeyitsFran on 07/29/2011.
So great.So nice
Posted by bodylife on 07/02/2011.
nice voice~
Posted by kudocc on 01/28/2011.
Nice voice :)
Posted by nhaota on 01/06/2011.
Wooow. You've got a great voice. Keep it
up. Nice vibrato. :)
Posted by cheraclare on 06/10/2010.
i agree great vocals i thought she was
just playing a rihanna cd but she can
Posted by lowvoice on 06/22/2011.
Posted by sahana98 on 05/21/2010.
you are so good..hear mine too..
Posted by kiechi on 01/11/2010.
Very good. Sounds just like the the
original. 5 star :D
Posted by jack9629 on 11/07/2009.
good!!!nice interpretation.listen my
version this music please and comment ;P
Posted by ticinha on 04/06/2009.
You have natural talent! I truly enjoyed
your version just as much as the
original. You should keep singing and
get some professional recordings on a CD
to shop it around- that's how good you
are! 5 stars most definitely. :)Diane
Posted by DV8 on 01/21/2009.
5 stars AGAIN? lol! Thank you ur a
Posted by SweetCSL05 on 01/27/2009.
You sound amazing, just like Rihanna or
maybe even better! I <3 your voice! Well
Done! x
Posted by ToxicEmma on 01/02/2009.
Thank you!!
Posted by SweetCSL05 on 01/27/2009.
Really love this version
Its unique and your tone of voice is so
Deserve it
Comment my songs too Ill be happy
Posted by BrokenLulu on 12/12/2008.
Thank you!!
Posted by SweetCSL05 on 12/13/2008.
You are amazing!!!!! It was a little
flat in some places but with a bit of
work you could be really really good!!!!
Posted by candymeg7 on 12/07/2008.
WOW guys!!! I'm #3 today??? This is SO
exciting!! Thank you for all of ur
comments!! I love reading them and
thanks for voting for me. I don't use my
voice much outside this website so it
makes me question what I am doing with
my life when I read ur comments! hehe
ANYWAY...Thanx & Take Care!! ~Channing
Posted by SweetCSL05 on 10/30/2008.
Are you sure it's not rihanna I'm
talking to?You sound just like you!Even
Posted by Tiamia on 10/24/2008.
I love it!

5 stars!

Would you like to be my friend?

Posted by Tiamia on 10/24/2008.
goood job =]
Posted by XxOMGxX on 10/22/2008.
Yo go girl!!
Posted by SFbeLL on 09/10/2008.
You have a great voice my dear. Go on
!!! and good luck
Posted by mirefel on 09/10/2008.
you should be famous!!!
Posted by pinkmink96 on 09/03/2008.
ur awesome!
Posted by 1212kid on 08/05/2008.
Posted by agut on 08/05/2008.
would you listen to my songs please it
would mean alot thanks and comment my
singing please let me now wat u tink
Posted by snowy102 on 08/01/2008.
you are a brilliant singer you sound
like a pro or that you at least have a
cd out you should be famous
Posted by snowy102 on 07/28/2008.
omg.. very very wonderful voice:) plss
teach how to sing plss :) a hundred
thousand million stars for you :)
Posted by joshua14 on 07/25/2008.
Thanks!!!! & no, it's not the radio!
lol! I think the radio would sound a lot
better than me!! lol!
Posted by SweetCSL05 on 07/07/2008.
omg, better than rihanna imo! try to
sing it with the backing pls! i bet you
would rock it out...my rendition sounds
like crap next to yours! hahaha
Posted by methodgirl on 07/06/2008.
U sound great too great u should be on
tv if ur not playing the radio or
Posted by ms.cutie on 07/05/2008.
You have an amazing voice! Great Job!
Posted by jobroluver on 07/02/2008.
Thanks guys!!
Posted by SweetCSL05 on 06/30/2008.
Your amasing ..>
You sound just like rihanna
Posted by jorden on 06/30/2008.
wow....you've got a great voice.

Posted by mimi25 on 06/18/2008.
Thank you everyone that commented!!! I'm
gonna record the whole somg with the
instrumental one of these days
so...we'll see how that goes!! lol!
Posted by SweetCSL05 on 05/29/2008.
ur voice is so beautiful.... omg you
should be a singer!!!!!!

Kizzez keep singin!

Posted by Madeleine_ on 05/25/2008.
your voice is beautiful, i love this
song and your voice fits really great to
it <3
Posted by joey.x3 on 05/25/2008.
u got talent girl!
Posted by babypuffz on 05/16/2008.
wow!!! dats amazing!
Posted by babypuffz on 05/16/2008.
Wow, that was amazing! I love your
voice, you sound just as good as Rihanna
and I rarely give five stars, but that
was truly wonderful! Wow.
Posted by bluezippy on 04/30/2008.
Awwww thank you so much!!!
I didnt think the recording was all
that good so ur comment means so much to
me!!!! Thanx again!!
Posted by SweetCSL05 on 05/04/2008.
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