Hometown: Seattle, WA
About me:
Ok.. I'M NOT A FAKE guyz!! itz really my voice xD THX
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Recorded: 08/22/2009
haha! oh yes! I agree with the person
below me. You are obviously fake, you've
increased the volume of the speaker but
in reality you can't increase the volume
in midomi the moment you're recording.
Posted by Neriza on 11/08/2010.
Posted by Pp94pl on 08/02/2010.
yes your rendition is good.5stars
Posted by mggopal on 08/22/2009.
your the voice is shit sh*t! amazing!
Posted by diamondswg on 08/22/2009.
Lovely soft voice! Enjoyed this^^
5 stars!! ;)
Posted by HiroCamful on 08/22/2009.
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