Well, time to sing ... maybe
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Recorded: 04/12/2014
Notes: Hello everyone. I read from Fallingsta we should all give it a try to revive this place. Good idea. Took me some time to figure out how to configure this machine to upload but finally made it. Here a song I recorded last year for my Italian course. Will try to record something new soon. And will visit my friends uploads tomorrow...
Singing in Italian, sounds good my
friend, even if I can't understand a
word haha, stars my friend! nice
whistling too :) stars
Posted by Guillermo_ on 04/30/2014.
The advantage of whistling is that it is
international... and that's my usual
I thought Italien and spanish were
close to each other language. Either I
was wrong or ... my Italien is a
But anyway, if you had a good moment, I
am happy.
Posted by Mike_P on 05/29/2014.
Una voche particulare!!!!! Et
specialement en Italien.....bravo Mike
Posted by rosamusic on 04/29/2014.
Hallo beste vriend.
Zo gelukig dat je het goed vindt.
Spreek je zelf Italiaans? Ik studeerde
maar alleen voor een jaar.
Bedankt voor hier te zijn,
Posted by Mike_P on 05/29/2014.
Mike, Miike, Miiikeee!!! :)))
Oh, myyy, wonderful! :D - Oh, boy,
you've made me sooo happy now, new
recording, your whistle, geee... And
front page, oh yeah! :D - Loooved it,
merci, bunches, for being here again,
amigo querido. :)))
Let's try to make this our 'home'
again, shall we? :)
Posted by diva-br on 04/26/2014.
Home.... yep I wish but I am a bird you
remember... I like flying away for a
while. But I come back to the nest from
time to time, like today.
Thanks for being my friend and
watching the home page for me. And
thanks for the rose, always makes my
Posted by Mike_P on 05/29/2014.
Een perfecte stem voor dit soort muziek.
En als ik niet beter wist zou ik
zeggen....perfeto mi
Posted by gero1 on 04/23/2014.
Perfecte? Whaw.
En veel bedankt voor het commentaar.
Maar wie is Gero1?
Posted by Mike_P on 05/29/2014.
BRAVISSIMO,complimenti per il perfetto
fatto venire l'idea di cantarla anche io
GRAZIE ........... L'unico problema che
hanno gli"stranieri" quando cantano nel
mio idioma,sono le doppie ahahahahaha mm
zz ss ahahahaha ed un po la SC
ahahahahaha ......... Ciaooooooooooo
Posted by brusal57 on 04/15/2014.
Grazie Mile Bruno.
Si, le doppie sono difficili. E anche i
verbi irregolari...
Ma il piu importante e essere capito.
Posted by Mike_P on 04/20/2014.
E lo sei stato alla GRANDE,capito
................. ma anche bravissimo
nel canto ...............
Posted by brusal57 on 04/20/2014.
Bentornato Mike! :D So learning italian
ehh? I guess you passed with honors? ;)
and I can hear your whistle too hehe
Happy cheerful song to come back to the
midomian family, great one my friend! :)
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/13/2014.
As I just wrote to Simmy, I follow
Italian courses but there are no real
exam. The teacher evaluates you level
and certifies you reached it. Still, you
have to work and study a bit. Alas, I
had to stop but hope to restart maybe in
Or should I start Spanish just to
confuse myself...
Posted by Mike_P on 04/20/2014.
Oh mai mai Mike!
So is this what took so much of your
time latlely, learning Italian? :)
Just lolling, welcome back to join us!
You'll be rewarded with many stars,
hugs and kisses, ciaoo !

Posted by misspronce on 04/13/2014.
Mai = never...
hugh kisses and stars, all welcome !!
thank you!!
Posted by Mike_P on 04/20/2014.
Mike! I suppose you brilliantly passed
your Italian course :D
Nice to have you back here, and great
job with Italian ;)
Posted by simmy on 04/13/2014.
Hi Simmy,
I passed because there is no exam ;)
I just follow courses and I go to Italy
to visit customers fro, time to time and
there I practice a bit... book hotel ,
order taxi, food, etc
Thanks for supporting me with my
Posted by Mike_P on 04/20/2014.
Hearing you again, Mike, really takes me
back to Midomi's heyday.

And there's even some whistling to seal
the deal! (^_^)

Italian? That's new, isn't it?
Ah, but no, there was already "La Pulce
d'Acqua". Half in Italian.

In any language, you rock! *****
Posted by HowardH on 04/12/2014.
Of course there is some whistling ;)

I still have something for you pending
since month if not years...
will upload soon.
in French
Posted by Mike_P on 04/20/2014.
Looking forward to your next recording.

(It's fun to see you and Bruno
exchanging messages in Italian, above!)
Posted by HowardH on 04/21/2014.
Davero non mi basti mai bella canción!!
Caro Mike A great pleausure be here
listening your special and wonderful
singing...DAVERO!!!! TVB!!!
Posted by pagarvi on 04/12/2014.
HI Patty
Almost forgot to answer comments
here... Not use to midomi anymore.
You liked it, I will upload something
else soon, stay tuned.
Hope you are fine, Heard Chile was
Posted by Mike_P on 04/20/2014.
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