Una Storia D'Amore (Mix Italiano)
Simona & Michele
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Recorded: 03/02/2011
Notes: La complicata storia d'amore di Gigliola/Sim e Miguel/Michele :D - raccontata con un puzzle di canzoni italiane che ci siamo divertiti un mondo a cantare :) ovviamente per motivi "midomiani" di 5 minuti ho dovuto accorciarla in vari punti, ma ringrazio Heracleum per il link mp3 che fornirò qui sotto, per la versione completa. Spero vi piaccia, o che almeno vi faccia fare quattro risate :) ___Link: http://heracleums.org/tmp/usda-sim.mp3
I could listen at this kind of musical
comedy all the day, you both have very
good actor skills, lyrics are funny :)
perfection from start to end, I like
your attitude but especially when you
become angry at 1:50 (avec votre petit
rire mesquin) :P *****
Posted by sparchead on 10/04/2014.
Eheh merci :) This was fun to put
together and act :D I might do something
like this in English too :)
Posted by simmy on 10/04/2014.
troppo simpatici e...bravi ,la
creatività non Vi manca,complimenti
...non riesco ad immaginare cosa ci
proporrete, c è da sbizzarirVi
.....buon lavoro
Posted by kryspaul on 03/05/2011.
:D Hahaha.. sicuramente ne faremo altre
:)) e sapere che ti è piaciuta ci fa
ancora più piacere e ci incoraggia a
tentare nuovi esperimenti :) grazie di
nuovo Paolo :)
Posted by simmy on 03/05/2011.
You told me to expect lots of songs in
Italian, Sim, but I am still surprized
and amazed.

This is so much fun to listen to, you
and your brother role-playing. It's more
than just singing. You are both acting
out parts. *****

This song has so MANY DIFFERENT parts,
different "songs" within it.
Posted by HowardH on 03/04/2011.
:) hahah.. yeah, I told you to expect
LOTSSSS of songs in Italian :D hahaha..
next time maybe we'll do it in English,
so it will be easier for you to
understand heheh :)
We really enjoyed singing and acting
too :) I just had the idea of mixing
together some songs which could go well
together, then the idea became to create
a story with the songs, and so we had to
put also spoken sentences etc etc..
hahahah... I'll surely try again with
English songs :)
Posted by simmy on 03/04/2011.
Oh, I see. You put these songs together,
creating the story from several songs
and some dialog.
You are so creative! (^_^)

Yes, yes, you must do one in English
someday, because truly I cannot follow
this story, LOL.
But I *CAN* tell that you both are
putting a lot of personality into it,
and I *CAN* tell that the music is good.
Posted by HowardH on 03/04/2011.
Ok let's try some translation...

M: "Gigliola [the singer of the first
song]... I love you! I love you! "
S: "But ... I can’t .. not yet ..
I... "

I’m not old enough..
I’m not old enough to love you..
I'm not old enough to go out alone with
If you want
If you want to wait for me
That day you’ll have
All my love for you..

But as long as the boat goes
Let it go
As long as the boat goes
Do not row
As long as the boat goes
Keep watching
When love comes the bell will ring!
When love comes the bell will ring!

Then you still have the little house in
With tanks and fish and flowers of
And when all the girls pass by
They tell you ‘How nice the little
house in Canada!’
Posted by simmy on 03/05/2011.
M: “Ok..”

S: We'll talk about it in 10 years ...
M: Eh?! I have to wait for 10 years?!?
S: Hmm, yes! Or I’ll make you a black
And I’ll put my mind at rest
M: I promise ... I am sincere.

But my secret is hidden in me ...
No one will know her name, no! No!

S: "Hey! Who is that?!? "
M: "Ehm.. I can explain .."
S: “Ah really?! Grrr... Get out of my

Give me a hammer
M: But.. What do you wanna do with it?
S: I want to give it on the head
of whom I don’t like...
At that simpering
With painted eyes
(Ba bla bla blah...)
That make everyone dance
Leaving me watching..
How angry it makes me!!
(Du du du-ah!)
How angry it makes me!!

You say to that “thing”
That I'm jealous
That if I see her again
I’ll flatten her!!
Posted by simmy on 03/05/2011.
M: Come on, darling..
Don’t be jealous if with the others I
dance the twist
Do not be angry if with the others I
dance rock
With you, with you, with you who are my
I dance the dance of the brick ..

And you're good and they throw the
bricks to you..
And you're bad and they throw the
bricks to you..
Whatever you do
Wherever you go
Always bricks you’ll get on your

"Ah! But I’ll show him now .. "

Maracaibo ..
She does the barracuda dance..
Yes, but she dances naked..
Zam zam!
In love .. yes but with Miguel
Eh! But Miguel was not there
He was in the cordillera from dawn to
Yes, but there was Pedro ah ah!
with the green moon
he embraced her on the crates
on the crates of nitroglycerin..

Tell me, tell me, my Lord
tell me if he will return..
the man that I feel less mine
and another smiles at me already
I feel a shiver when he looks at me
and he gave me a rose,
he gave me a rose..
Posted by simmy on 03/05/2011.
When Miguel returned ...

M: Aaaaaargghhhh! Give me a blade that
I cut my veins! Ahhhh...

S: "No please, it's my fault! Don’t
hurt yourself! "
M: "You're right, what do I have to do
with that?"

Tonight I’ll throw you!
Tonight I’ll throw you!
I’ll throw you with him!

S: Ohh! Forgive me! Forgive me! Forgive

M: "All right, but on one condition .."

S & M: And this time the affair is
over, hooray for life!
The people undress, a world begins
A different world
But made of sex, and time will tell...

Posted by simmy on 03/05/2011.
Oh I forgot to add an "S:" before "And
you're good and they throw bricks to

Posted by simmy on 03/05/2011.
Haha! Grazie, Simmy.
This is even MORE fun to listen when we
can follow the story.
Posted by HowardH on 03/06/2011.
:) eheh I hope that I didn't just make a
mess and that you really understood
hahah... urgh! And to think that this
will be my job one day...
Posted by simmy on 03/06/2011.
By the way, I'm already thinking of
something like this in Engish... :D
Posted by simmy on 03/06/2011.
Non vedo l'ora. ^.^

Your translation seems good to me, Sim!
Thanks again.

Do you plan to be a "simultaneous
translatior" (like at the United
Nations), or do you want to translate
books, etc.?
Posted by HowardH on 03/06/2011.
Ouch! I would really like if I could
stick to books and songs only :D hahah
But as the song says: time will tell
Posted by simmy on 03/13/2011.
Songs are tough, I think.
It's an entirely different skill (art)
from translating books. Have fun.

Simultaneous translation makes you say
"Ouch!"? Haha, what a crazy concept, eh?
Posted by HowardH on 03/13/2011.
Hahah.. well, depends on which kind of
simultaneous translation it is... and
then, when you translate books or else,
you have time to think about how exactly
to render it... whereas if you
simultaneously translate you won't have
time :) that's what scares me hahaha..
Posted by simmy on 03/13/2011.
Sim, I see 3 or 4 new songs today.
Can't listen from this computer, but
I'll check out your newest songs soon as
I can.
Posted by HowardH on 03/13/2011.
hahaha.. it goes worse as you reach the
very newest one :D hahahaha...
Posted by simmy on 03/13/2011.
you and your brother have shown great
expression here you have shown the life
of todays lovers very well:)) what i
feel from your song that maintainance of
love is very hard and costly.You both
have converted the impossible things to
possible here..nice selection of
karaokes..then singing then vacal
expressions each and everything is
Posted by glowworm on 03/02/2011.
Who would have guessed it, that a
foreign guy would understand so deeply
this song :) you're great Var :) see,
even I hadn't thought of this as the
representation of love nowadays and how
"maintainance of
love is very hard and costly" :) and
you did :) fantastic :)

Thank you soooo much for this comment
:) it's really nice to see what we could
transmit to you :)
Posted by simmy on 03/02/2011.
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