Age: 33
Hometown: Galicia (Spain)
Shima Uta (a capella)
Natsukawa Rimi
Listens 1360    Comments 31    
Recorded: 02/05/2008
Posted by p-macaroni on 12/11/2011.
Posted by ny0521 on 12/29/2010.
Love it!!!!
Posted by sascc on 12/25/2010.
you are very good!
Posted by miroticu on 04/10/2010.
beautiful ^^ I absolutely loved it
Posted by prirox on 10/10/2009.
Maybe you could comment my songs? No one
has yet...:( lol
Posted by whatthetf on 04/13/2009.
I love your voice! And the song is
beautiful too!
Posted by whatthetf on 04/13/2009.
Its such a sweet voice ... amazing ...
don't understand the language but heard
it fully ... so gorgeous !!
Posted by indraneel on 04/10/2009.
Es una de las mejores versiones que he
escuchado *o*
Posted by MahoCamui on 04/07/2009.
It's a wonderful song!!! You sing very
good =)

I listen Gackt's version! (I'm Gackt

Posted by Kamuixt on 04/04/2009.
Coñe, si sabes español XD

Bueno, que me encnató la canción,
practicamente es una canción hermosa y
tu tono de voz le da mucha dulzura! ^^
Posted by Kamuixt on 04/04/2009.
Thank you so much!
The first time I listen this song was
Gackt's version too!
He sang it so good!!
Posted by Rakiu20 on 04/04/2009.
Jajajaja si, soy española xDD
Muchas gracias de nuevo! xD
Posted by Rakiu20 on 04/04/2009.
i love ur voice...so sweet
Posted by oasis8912 on 04/04/2009.
hey! i really love this song...i know
how to play on shamisen...someday we can
play it...you sing and i play the
shamisen! what do you think?
i really like it!
Posted by akuta on 03/19/2009.
Of course!!
It will be great!!!!
Posted by Rakiu20 on 03/19/2009.
very well.I felt.
Posted by ganbare on 01/27/2009.
Posted by eiei on 01/07/2009.
I really enjoyed listening this song.
Very well sung:)
5stars for ya
and comment some of my songs too..ill
be happy :)
with love Lucy
and Marry Xmas:)
Posted by BrokenLulu on 12/10/2008.
Soy peruana pero mi familia es de
Okinawa...esta melodía me encanta y me
da mucha nostalgia. La cantaste muy
lindo... :)
Espero te esté yendo bien con tus
lecciones de japonés, no es muy
difícil si hablas español...

Posted by canelita on 07/04/2008.
Wooo! This song is difficult to sing,
you are doing great!
Posted by yoyomouse on 06/07/2008.
I have been enraptured.
Even a Japanese thinks whether there is
not the person who can sing well so
Posted by yamachan13 on 03/30/2008.
What can I say...
I heard some Japanese song that you
Wonderful! just wonderful!!
Especially this Okinawa's song...
I love it so much
You learn Japanese, arent you?
Posted by karakara on 02/19/2008.
I'm learning japanese!! ^O^
Thanks for listening!! *O*
Posted by Rakiu20 on 02/19/2008.
I'm so very glad I requested this from
you. It really is lovely! (And it got
you featured, haha!)

Wow! You've been singing up a storm
today. 13 recordings. So far.
Posted by HowardH on 02/08/2008.
from where are you ?
your voice is excellent can u be my
Posted by letsrock on 02/08/2008.
I'm from spain.
Of course we can be friends ^O^
Posted by Rakiu20 on 02/08/2008.
You're voice is very sweet..You're
fantastic =)=)
Posted by ErikAvril on 02/07/2008.
Woo, te quedó genial!!! aunque me gusta
más con voces más rizadas.
Posted by Kaochan on 02/06/2008.
Even though I have to imagine the
shanshin/shamisen (haha), I do prefer
your a cappela version. Your voice flows
better. Nice! 5*****s.

Thanks for so quickly singing my
request! In the meantime I was at
YouTube watching Natsukawa Rimi videos.
("Nada Sou Sou" is great!) Thank you,
Rakiu-chan, for introducing me to her!
Posted by HowardH on 02/05/2008.
Dou itashimashite!! ^O^
Posted by Rakiu20 on 02/05/2008.
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