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Recorded: 07/21/2008
Notes: This is one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite movies
Posted by RenanLS123 on 01/04/2015.
really good :)
Posted by KettiexD on 08/09/2014.
Beautiful Voice, Great Job <3
Posted by Stylinson1 on 07/29/2013.
You might be a youtube singer with voice
like this.
Posted by PChristine on 06/04/2013.
Posted by buzgaaa on 04/29/2013.
really cool voice
so similar to demis..but better!so much
Posted by BrokenLulu on 08/07/2010.
You have change many tunes (I don't now
if this is the right word ^^), during
the song, but that's totally normal,
singing accapella. You also have a very
sweet voice, I like very much your
Posted by letizietta on 04/27/2009.
wow the best of all worlds
Posted by savi_miley on 10/19/2008.
Posted by oreoorva on 07/22/2008.
Posted by Frenchy95 on 07/22/2008.
awesome cover buddy
Posted by mj72995 on 07/21/2008.
Posted by Frenchy95 on 07/21/2008.
i speak the truth
Posted by mj72995 on 07/21/2008.
oh! how sweet is your voice! <3
I love this song and your cover is
great! well done! 5 stars*****
you have a new fan!!!!! <3
Posted by Nono. on 07/21/2008.
omg thank u so much!!
Posted by Frenchy95 on 07/21/2008.
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