Age: 27
The Climb
Miley Cyrus
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Recorded: 08/12/2009
Very very good! :D
Posted by FioMusic on 07/22/2012.
How you are doing the special voice
effect? (for example "you are never
Posted by Hootowl on 05/28/2012.
which special voice effect? :D I didnt
do anything special.
Posted by Kathleen_9 on 07/08/2012.
it's one of my favorite songs:)
and your voice are really awesome!
Posted by stool on 08/13/2010.
Your voice is soooo sweeet *O*
Posted by Miko-Chan on 01/09/2010.
Posted by andy_cz on 12/12/2009.
just nice,very nice
Posted by husseinx on 09/22/2009.
jusy nice
Posted by husseinx on 09/22/2009.
beautiful voice i love it rendition
perfect and your voice wow i am
Posted by sweetsoni on 09/14/2009.
wow! your voice is amazin!!! love it!
Posted by Aleera on 09/11/2009.
muiii bien!
Posted by ...Yuh... on 09/07/2009.
Posted by Desi.W on 09/01/2009.
very nice...im gonna try this one too!
Posted by imurbabyhu on 09/01/2009.
nicevoice......check out my version
Posted by lynn_muaxx on 09/01/2009.
You have a great voice :)
Posted by sou_lilin on 08/29/2009.
girl you must have your own cd already!

that voice you have ... congratulations
Posted by sandy_ar on 08/27/2009.
perfect song for you.. Great voice..
On the hook I'm pretty sure you could
sing the real octave pitch..
Try it :D
Posted by Dreamer21 on 08/25/2009.
you can be a singer!!very great!!
Posted by r_shiyu on 08/25/2009.
WOW hudge... AMAZING very powerful
voice !

you ROCK girl ! :)

add to favotites..

and OF COURSE 5 stars !

Sing more !
Posted by BigLover on 08/24/2009.
very soft voice very pretty!!!! you
should try celin dion!!
Posted by jdhart294 on 08/22/2009.
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