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Recorded: 09/21/2008
Notes: I love this scene in Mammamia. I sang this immitating Ms. Merryl Streep..:D
This is a wonderful song and you have
sung it wonderfully. 5 Stars to you! :)
Posted by DV8 on 10/17/2008.
THanks again, Diane.
Posted by septem2080 on 12/16/2008.
5 stars x
Posted by brusal57 on 10/09/2008.
I just sang this in the full version, if
you want to listen for some more,
Thanks for the rating.
Posted by septem2080 on 10/10/2008.
WOW!! You did the job well done!!
Wonderful!! ****** for you friend!!
Posted by girlyroy on 09/21/2008.
Thanks, Josie.. I'm having ABBA fever.
Posted by septem2080 on 10/10/2008.
Well done!
(I gotta see this movie.)

You know, Dewi, they say "practice
makes perfect", and you've been proving
that old addage lately. I can remember I
used to rate you a lot of 4s and even a
3 occasionally (shock!) But you've been
singing nothing but FIVES lately. This
one, again.
"You go girl!"
Posted by HowardH on 09/21/2008.
that's a new word : addage, but i think
i know the meaning.
Rate me 3? I know it, don't worry Huey,
it's better than unrated numbers..

thanks for making those times up by
giving me a 5 now.
Posted by septem2080 on 09/21/2008.
Very energetic and powerful! Great
singing,Dewi ^0^ I'd like to be a
winner...once in a while:P
Posted by gata on 09/21/2008.
Maybe you should think that you ARE a
So, have you seen the Mammamia movie?
Posted by septem2080 on 09/21/2008.
I didn't see the movie...snif! But I
loved your rendition dear! This song is
very dificult! I will give you 5
stars...of course! And many beijos!
Posted by Rayo on 09/21/2008.
The movie is coming to Japan next
year...I can hardly wait!
Posted by gata on 09/22/2008.
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