Age: 35
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
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Recorded: 03/19/2007
Notes: Not the best ive done with this song, but if i try to record it again ill be late for work haha. And as they say, "dont quit your day job" ;)
Beautiful - go to London or Braodway
Posted by pippalotta on 05/22/2008.
Posted by nampc on 05/01/2008.
Deserved 5 lovely lady.
Posted by fonzie on 03/01/2008.
outstandind talent! Are you pro?
Posted by kelly777 on 01/03/2008.
Typo, I meant outstanding. I guess I'm
too stund to think!
Posted by kelly777 on 01/03/2008.
Advice - Give up the day job
Can i be your manager?!
Posted by sonicrush on 09/13/2007.
Thanks :) im not working in music right
now but im hoping once i have some exra
time ill be able to pursue something
Posted by moonrat84 on 05/05/2007.
Beautiful Moon the only way you
shouldn't quit your day job is if you're
already making it as a singer ;) wow.
Posted by debergerac on 05/05/2007.
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