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Thank you all for your sweet comments, excuse i was for a longtime very ill, Love you all, have a great day (*_*)
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Recorded: 11/13/2009
Thank you Brett that is very sweet of
you, bigggg hugggg
Posted by XXena on 10/21/2011.
Once more I enjoyed listening to you
sing :)) What a lovely version of that
Posted by Sir_Jon on 10/20/2011.
hi.. XXena.. tu expresion en tu cantar
very... very... good..., encantada..
eres preciosa..... besos...
Posted by aghatha on 11/29/2009.
Hi, Xxena. (^_^) Ella Fitzgerald now!
Your song list is the best!
Posted by HowardH on 11/18/2009.
Thank you Magnetron , how sweet of you.
big hugggg (*_*)
Posted by XXena on 11/15/2009.
Hartelijk dank voor het delen van uw
stem, uw interpretatie en je vriend xxen
ilusion mij. Altijd een plezier om te
Een knuffel en 5 * voor jou.
Posted by magnetron on 11/14/2009.
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