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Recorded: 02/04/2007
hahaha I love this song :D
Posted by DTQ on 09/22/2007.
hi...i like ur and i enjoy
listening with it..keep up singing...can
u sing a melody dongs?my request...take
Posted by julynenz on 09/20/2007.
lol I like it ;)
Posted by raptor on 09/20/2007.
no way .. u are far better, I can feel
ur happiness .. the one on youtube
sounds a bit sarcastic =)
Posted by sparchead on 09/20/2007.
How is this possible?
Posted by yasaman on 09/17/2007.
You are just good. You have to admit it.
(and sing more songs!)
Posted by Keyvan on 09/18/2007.
I think this guy is better at it.
Posted by yasaman on 09/19/2007.
Wow you are number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Keyvan on 09/17/2007.
wery good ...That made me smile to :-)
Posted by johnlennon on 09/17/2007.

That was on the front of midomi!!
Anyone who logged in saw your pretty
face. HAHAHA

love ya

Posted by Mazi on 09/17/2007.
Sweet! That made me smile :)
Posted by edawgg34 on 09/17/2007.
=) 5 stars!
Posted by sparchead on 09/17/2007.
ah ha haaaaa oh my gosh i LOVE this!!!
Posted by MJ89 on 09/17/2007.
Very funny!!!!
Posted by kamyar on 04/18/2007.
It's a 10.
Posted by Keyvan on 02/04/2007.
you don't wear high heals and go to
bars? I thought you did.
Posted by yasaman on 02/04/2007.
Ohhh Not me! no way!
Posted by farhad on 02/04/2007.
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