Age: 44
Hometown: prato
About me:
Salve io sono marko mi piace cantare e ascoltare altre persone che cantano......che altro dire grazie midomi :)
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Recorded: 12/19/2007
Beautiful!!! very nice voice
Posted by libertfly on 06/11/2008.
In italy this song was sung in
collaboration with a Jovanotti
Posted by markofree on 02/24/2008.
And another song that I knew just in
spanish, but not in italian :) Nice
voice marko !
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/23/2008.
Gran bella voce...mi fai sapere come si
possono mettere effetti al microfono?
Ciao ricky.
Posted by rickypapa on 01/10/2008.
bella interpretazione 5 stelline..gran
bella voce
Posted by minerva on 01/06/2008.
Grazie Minerva, peccato che nn conosco
lo spagnolo :P
Posted by markofree on 01/06/2008.
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