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Recorded: 04/25/2009
Notes: Finally got a few minutes alone in the dorm, but my throat is failing me again (you can hear some notes blocked for a while before finally pushed out), can't do it so well...
I listened and viewed the video on
Youtube. fantastic!
Posted by Mike_P on 08/23/2011.
I recorded a video including French,
Chinese, Spanish and Japanese versions
of this song ;)

The Chinese version is my own
translation from the original version.
Posted by asteroid on 08/23/2011.
Superbe interpretation!
Posted by quochuy on 10/17/2010.
This song doesn't seem to be "rock"...
Posted by asteroid on 08/25/2009.
Hardly! haha.
Posted by HowardH on 10/03/2009.
Posted by kryspaul on 08/20/2009.
Tu canto produce "Encantamiento"
Tu canto es de los cielos,cerca del
sol,allí la nieve se transforma en
dulce río.
Posted by pagarvi on 05/06/2009.
Rocio eres un angelito del cielo :))
Posted by magnetron on 05/03/2009.
¡Gracias! ¿Por qué nunca has grabado
canciones en frencés? Sé que tú
hablas francés muy mejor que yo :)
Posted by asteroid on 05/03/2009.
Como sabes que yo hablo frances, si
nunca he grabado en ese idioma ni
tampoco me he expresado nunca en esa
Lo habras soñado? jajaja
Posted by magnetron on 05/04/2009.
Busqué en tu perfil y finalmente lo
encuentro -- en "Tu Es Mon Autre" de
Thorild. Has escribido tan muchas
Posted by asteroid on 05/04/2009.
Llevas razon pero fue una traduccion del
ordenador de muchas oraciones escritas
previamente en castellano :))))
Posted by magnetron on 05/05/2009.
Bamboo's comment brought me here.

What can I say, Rocío? I could
picture you looking out of the window,
feeling the cold and the absence.
What's more, I could almost feel the
snowflakes on my face and hands while
Posted by Conchita on 05/02/2009.
You understood what she said? Honored
linguist Conchita!

She asked if I majored in French at
Posted by asteroid on 05/02/2009.
No, I didn't mean the actual comment -
unfortunately, I don't understand a word
of Chinese. :">

Like Bamboo, I'm impressed by your
French pronunciation - well done,

Posted by Conchita on 05/02/2009.
Posted by xxbamboo on 05/02/2009.
Posted by asteroid on 05/02/2009.
"Airy voice" ^.^Thanks Howard. That's
exactly what I want to say!
I mean it ,asteroid. Your voice makes
me feel like floating in the air....
Posted by gata on 04/27/2009.
I saw this recording of yours listed
last night, but Midomi wouldn't show it
to me! I thought you must have deleted
it, or something.

Yeah, I can hear that your throat is a
bit raw, but you still hit all the notes
just right, and it only adds a little
more "airiness" to your already airy
voice. Sounds good to me! (^_^)
Posted by HowardH on 04/27/2009.
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