doesnt will like singing
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Age: 30
Hometown: Australia
About me:
hi everyone, I don't sing on Midomi anymore. If anyone wish to listen to my songs please come and join me on starmake...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 02/01/2008
Notes: This song is in the memory of Howie's(Howard) Dad...and is also dedicated to all the people who have lost their dads =)..
i love this song
Posted by Amayalove on 06/17/2016.
**************** SWEET AND LOVELY
***HUGS*** yes love is only we need
Posted by caracois11 on 03/05/2009.
Really cute ^^
So sweet *-* very good
Posted by Watashii on 12/04/2008.
awww such a sweet voice u hve got i luv
ur voice yaar it's gr8 i hve added ur
soong in my playlist
Posted by nairuti on 06/18/2008.
great voice u r great i love your
rendition this song
Posted by shell-bell on 04/04/2008.
Hi cutie,

Thank you for singing this for
us...very lovely and sweet!!! Your
voice is just like angels in heaven,
very special... :))) I love it! 5*****
for you...*Big hugs & Kisses*
Posted by mitchie on 03/14/2008.
Hi! cutevoice!
what a cute!
must be reach for heaven.
Posted by rikizo on 03/07/2008.
How very pretty cutevoice :)
Posted by w00fdawg on 03/03/2008.
Very pretty!!!
I hear your vocal now.
Oh? Could it be cut with the way?
Posted by typing_ayu on 02/25/2008.
ohh my, cutevoice, what can I say? This
is so sweet, you are so sweet, your
voice is really special! I love the way
you sing this ! *hugs*
Posted by Fallingsta on 02/24/2008.
well i really miss your sweet voice
cutie...welcome me back hahaha! hugs and
Posted by joceljoy23 on 02/24/2008.
Happy Valantine day Cutie..!! best
wishes in love.. "heaven of Love" the
name is writen on
you..^_^..***@@@[email protected]@@***
Bad my english..hahahaha..kisses and
big hugs
Posted by kentA on 02/14/2008.
U sound superb in this...Keep it up.
Posted by pranay on 02/14/2008.
how can you sound so sweet .. it is
really like an "heaven song" =) you got
Posted by sparchead on 02/13/2008.
oh my I'm so glad that u all loved it
..(^_^) thnkyou so much specialy pola
may God give u a long blessingful life,
kenta u too my sweet friend, cheko,
little girl barbie, mazit, my close
friend Howie and my dear sis dorota
(^_^) thnkyou so much for all the
Posted by cutevoice on 02/09/2008.
just one word for this - heavenly !
Posted by vvalopa on 02/09/2008.
Hummmm very nice and calm my
friend..hear it think abt heaven..i dont
know how is it? but i see colors and
love in your voice this
song..Wonderful!!! :-)
Posted by kentA on 02/08/2008.
I agree w/ howard you sounds so
sweet,and soooo cute....(^_-)-☆
Posted by cheko on 02/06/2008.
You sound so calm and sweet... I love
the way you sing.
Posted by barbie on 02/04/2008.
Hmmmm,its nice!!!It suited ur voice i
must admit!!!U sang it with the emotions
Posted by mazit27 on 02/02/2008.
Awww, thanks, cutie!
It's interesting and very special to
re-think this song as being about a
departed parent.

(I know this song as sung by Brian
Adams. I always thought of it as a
boy-girl love song. But it works this
way, too.)

You've made my Dad and me very happy.
Gosh, you sing so sweetly! Like an
angel. You're my "sentimental favorite".
Posted by HowardH on 02/02/2008.
Howie i was waiting for ur comment
(^_^) this was speially for u I'm
glad that I made u and ur Dad
happy..angel ..=) wht a sweet thing to it was re-sung by "Do" where a
little girl is telling that how much she
miss her dad (^_^)..hugs..!
Posted by cutevoice on 02/02/2008.
Ah, I found some videos of Do (Dominique
van Hulst) at YouTube.
Thanks! (^_^)

I'm listening to yours again. It seems
your singing is getting even better than
before, if that's possible. There's more
emotion, more interesting phrasing, and
still your sweet voice.

I'm going to try to think of songs that
would be good ones for you to sing...
Posted by HowardH on 02/02/2008.
:,-(,I'm so sorry...but anyway it sounds
sooooooo sweet,xxx
Posted by dorota21 on 02/02/2008.
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