new songs :):)
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Age: 26
About me:
Hey im Gabbs:) i love too sing. please leave comments (nice ones ) thanks
Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)
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Recorded: 01/31/2008
Keep singing cause you're great ! :) xx
Posted by Brihans on 11/02/2008.
Posted by ART601 on 02/19/2008.
Great voice..keep singing!
Posted by CaptainJac on 02/11/2008.
good voice...^^
i love it...^^
Posted by IrAcUtEzZ on 02/09/2008.
This is fine!
Posted by normar on 02/06/2008.
thankyou for your comments :)
Posted by Gabbs. on 02/06/2008.
nice! ψ(*`ー′)ψ
Posted by ryuceko3 on 02/05/2008.
very beatful...fantastic voice
Posted by rogeriofox on 02/04/2008.
hey! great great job! luv the tone of ur
voice :)
Posted by ursulaeb on 02/03/2008.
great voice:-)5stars.-)pls comment me
back,you're really talented.-)
Posted by andy_cz on 02/03/2008.
Posted by ErikAvril on 02/03/2008.
very beautiful voice... fantastic..5
stras for you... =)=) please comment me
Posted by ErikAvril on 02/03/2008.
thank you for your comment ;-) and i
have to say that you have a particular
voice...very nice
Posted by MAclochett on 02/01/2008.
Cool!!!!! :D

Sweet voice!
Posted by danichan on 01/31/2008.
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