Hometown: New York
About me:
Love music. Love to sing. Love my family.
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Recorded: 05/21/2007
Notes: I love all types of music. A soft spot in my heart for show tunes. Dad took me to see Ethel Merman in "Hello Dolly!" on Broadway when I was 5. What a night! Enjoy the music!
Well done!!
Posted by ESTINA on 06/01/2008.
waaaaaa~~~ very nice voice ~~ just
feels very close to me althought i am in
love your voice !
Posted by eric9 on 08/29/2007.
you have a very good voice, but I think
you should choose another song
Posted by Nutza on 06/10/2007.
great job
Posted by mialicia on 06/05/2007.
Posted by catfisch on 06/05/2007.
Wow! Carrie...I didnt even know you had
the voice of an angel! :) Great job!
Posted by joyinlife on 06/01/2007.
Blush!! TY!
Posted by catfisch on 06/02/2007.
Wow! And I thought "Button Up Your
Overcoat" was good.
Posted by treasure on 06/01/2007.
What a beautiful've come a
long way since "The Lonely Guy"...lets
here some more songs!
Posted by garp29 on 06/01/2007.
Hey - Dad didn't take me to Hello
Dolly!! You've always been his
favorite!!! (Until you married that
Posted by elenadunn on 06/01/2007.
Posted by fifibouvi on 06/01/2007.
What a beautiful voice, I never knew the
talent within. I'd love to hear more
Your Cus, Billy
Posted by peppy on 05/31/2007.
What an angelic voice!
When is your CD coming out?
Posted by Gm7b5 on 05/31/2007.
Very nice sweetie! We love you...
Posted by fisch723 on 05/31/2007.
What a nice song to sing, and your voice
tune makes me feel like i'm in a
Posted by jazzgirl on 05/29/2007.
Wow! you sound great :)
Posted by Vesper on 05/29/2007.
Wow, I'm speechless, that was very well
done :)
Posted by edawgg34 on 05/29/2007.
Thanks for the kind words!
Posted by catfisch on 05/29/2007.
Fantastic song , sung beautiful. Well
Done.By the way wOOf, Petula Clarke sang
it in the Film your thinking ofWith Fred
Astaire in it.
Posted by UKPhil on 05/29/2007.
Thanks. Yes, Fred Astaire played Petula
Clark's father in the movie and he might
have sung some of it also, but I haven't
seen it in ages.
Posted by catfisch on 05/29/2007.
Finnians Rainbow 1968
Posted by UKPhil on 06/02/2007.
Lovely, beautiful voice and clear simple
delivery. Thank you very much. I heard
this first in a film - was it sung by
Fred Astaire or am I delirious? Anyway,
it was top class.
Posted by w00fdawg on 05/29/2007.
broadway quality voice....5 stars!
Posted by gazelle on 05/29/2007.
I like it. No unnecessary complications.
Posted by Keyvan on 05/24/2007.
What a pure, clear, musical voice and
flawless diction! I saw the original on
Broadway in my first trip to NYC -- also
saw Brigadoon, Carousel, Allegro, and
other important shows (long before the
pap era of Cats, Les Miz, etc.) -- and
can still see Ella Logan in my mind's
eye. Catfisch, whoever she is, has
decided to forego the Scottish accents,
and just deliver a straight dead-on
version -- and it ain't easy doing it a
capella, I bet...just wish she could do
it with a big Broadway orchestra behind
Posted by Dondunn on 05/23/2007.
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