Hear duets of Radha & Chandar in this Profile
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Gaata Rahe Mera Dil [From the Film Guide]
Kishore Kumar
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Recorded: 09/23/2011
Notes: A Lata-Kishore duet from Guida
bahut acchha duet n very well sung
Posted by sk.sikar on 10/01/2011.
I don't know if you all agree with me
but I can say very beautiful duet song n
singing ..and excellent expressions I
enjoyed listening it..God Bless...Thanks
for sharing it..and singing
together..Respect n regards..
Posted by koku on 09/29/2011.
Posted by dr.pravin on 09/29/2011.
Thanx, Dr Saa. Aap Midomi mein utne
active nahi hain. Kya Baat hai??
Posted by schandar20 on 09/29/2011.
very Inspiring clip singing..doctor
babu..bahut achhe bahut pasnad aaya
ji..keep it up..regards and respect..
Posted by koku on 09/29/2011.
Memorable duet of Lata/Kishore and well
sung Chandar bhai/Radhaji.enjoyed it
Posted by moses123 on 09/28/2011.
Thanx, Mosesbhai. When do we start the
Kishoreda week. I have sung some 20
songs for the ocassion
Posted by schandar20 on 09/29/2011.
very nice radha and chandar.....great
singing....god bless you
Posted by abubakarpk on 09/28/2011.
Thanx, Abubakarji
Posted by schandar20 on 09/29/2011.
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