Thanks to all of you who are posting such sweet comments and notes! It means a lot!! Thank you :))
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Age: 25
Hometown: Reykjavík, Iceland
About me:
My name is Sóley and i'm 16 years old, from Iceland. I love singing more than anything in the world and it's what I h...  [ more ]
Listen to Your Heart
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Recorded: 11/10/2007
Notes: pleeeeasee comment and rate ? ;D thank you :*
Posted by JOCHEMAN on 08/23/2015.
i like it
Posted by totabedwy on 09/04/2013.
bad singing!
Posted by reas on 10/18/2012.
good ;)
Posted by ferreri on 10/16/2012.
you sound awesome! you have such an
amazing voice
Posted by Snazzy on 04/03/2009.
thank you very much! :)
Posted by soley on 04/04/2009.
I truly hope that you pursue a singing
career, because you could definitely be
a star. tell your parents to get you to
a recording studio and get a CD
together, then send it to all of the
record agencies (in California and NY)
you can!!! They probably don't receive
many pkgs from Iceland and your chances
of being heard are better than most!
Good luck! 5 Stars! :)Diane
Posted by DV8 on 11/24/2008.
you're young but you've already got a
great voice!!
Posted by andy_cz on 08/30/2008.
u have an awsome talent. have u ever
tried out for a talent show? lol love
Posted by luve2sing1 on 08/04/2008.
wow!!!I'm speakless...don'rt know what
to say!!!You're soooo goood!!!!
Posted by ShinyStar on 04/17/2008.
great rendition! i did this one too.
check mine out. you have a great voice.
do you really live in iceland? :)
Posted by meena2931 on 04/05/2008.
I agree, Sóley. You have something
special in your voice and your style.
Keep singing. (^_^)
Posted by HowardH on 03/14/2008.
Very mature voice for someone so young.
U sound great. x
Posted by loubougal on 03/07/2008.
Excellent 5 stars to you.
You are gonna be a star!
Posted by fonzie on 12/02/2007.
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