after about an year without recording is starting to sing again ...
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Age: 28
Hometown: Monza (ITALY), Minnesota
About me:
... well, I'm an italian girl, still livin' here, but my mom's Filipina and we lived a couple of years in Minnesota.....  [ more ]
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Recorded: 02/19/2007
love this rendition

by the way im gunnna add you as a fav

and i also LOVE mcr and play the
saxaphone xxx

comment me back please
Posted by furbyxx on 01/30/2008.
love this song and love ur singing
girl....bet u can sing rock songs!
Posted by beiolman on 03/16/2007.
AMo qst canxone cme i my chem...pensavo
d farne una rendition anche io
Posted by SIMO1988 on 03/02/2007.
BRAVA! canti molto bene, sei molto
espressiva! GREAT!!!
Posted by ilaria on 02/19/2007.
anke se nn ne sono convinta, grazie...
Posted by jt_kriss on 02/20/2007.
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