Hometown: Australia
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Recorded: 02/05/2007
You have a really beautiful voice!
Posted by Yasha on 12/18/2009.
omg =O fantastic really!!!! it's
beautiful good job!!!
Posted by Teitena on 09/13/2008.
omg amazing!!!!!!!!
Posted by didodream on 09/10/2008.
now, this is nice..i mean, many can't
sing this song, but you rock, girl!!!!!
congrats!!! :)
Posted by szszgerda on 09/14/2007.
You make me sad. Not because it sounds
bad, it sounds beautiful, melvin. I've
told you that. The reason you make me
sad, is because your voice builds this
beautiful and powerful situation up, and
then it catches me. You are really a
singer with sole and heart.
Posted by aminin on 05/26/2007.
I like your version more than mine.Nice
Posted by kellykel on 05/04/2007.
i love it soooo's b-u-t-ful
babe!! :)
Posted by suigeneris on 05/02/2007.
A-W-S-O-M-E ! You are really a singer!
Dont't stop!!
Posted by Franky on 04/29/2007.
woah!!! u can go really high!!!
amazing!!!! =D
Posted by prirox on 04/29/2007.
Oh my.. I agree with all that !! You go,
girl :D!!
Posted by aminin on 04/22/2007.
You are very good ;)
I like you voice!
Posted by muchomojo on 04/21/2007.
You thought you were a bad singer? One
question, WHY? You are a really good
singer I asure you.

Great job on the song!!! ;)
Posted by Blankshot on 04/17/2007.
omg thank you guys SO much, i've always
thought i was a pretty bad singer
Posted by Melvin on 03/05/2007.
You are good!!! =)
Posted by kobykan on 02/17/2007.
I second that!
Posted by kevin on 02/15/2007.
great recording!
Posted by artur on 02/05/2007.
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