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Ello! So far, I absolutely love this site. Nearly everyone on here is a pleasure to talk to, and I love listening to ...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 03/19/2007
please comment me!!
Posted by _--BOB--_ on 12/16/2007.
mmm your voice is very refreshing
because it's strong while still being
soft... it has a very nice ring to it...
i would love to hear you sing lower
songs to challenge yourself
Posted by _--BOB--_ on 12/16/2007.
Very well! As soon as I have a new
microphone, I shall add a song in a
lower key to my growing list of "songs
to do"

I hope you continue to listen! Thanks
again, Bob.
Posted by Tinuel on 12/16/2007.
tender voice!
you're wonderfull!!!
Posted by Allena on 11/30/2007.
Thank you, Allena :)
Posted by Tinuel on 12/16/2007.
Posted by gabble on 06/25/2007.
im impressed, good work, best part
,perfect pich for u ,i cant describe
your good just know that
Posted by gabble on 06/20/2007.
Thanks Melvin, and thank you Gabble :)
Thats always nice to hear ^.^
Posted by Tinuel on 06/21/2007.
nice work :)
Posted by Melvin on 05/11/2007.
That's my favorite part of the song! She
makes it sound so easy... we know better
;) Great pitch and sound!!
Posted by spazzy on 04/21/2007.
Its my favorite part, as well :-D
...Hence, I did that part xD lol!
Thank you, as always, for listening ^_^
Posted by Tinuel on 04/21/2007.
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