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i like any kind of music. I like to sing and listen to the tunes. Everyone has a talent. Music is our universal langu...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 06/13/2008
Notes: yes we can work it all out by singing.

Muchas Gracias fallingstar mi amigo. Es
muy agradable de usted tener comentarios
hermosos y que animan. Gracias por
dejarme en sus listas de temas.
You are so very nice!
Posted by bhentongbo on 06/20/2008.
And continuing with The Beatles tour :)
Another great job!!! I will repeat
again what I said before, your voice is
perfect for this, it fits like it
belongs there, fantastic! Stars and
playlist oh yeees! ;-) Besos!!
Posted by Fallingsta on 06/19/2008.
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