is looking for songs to sing
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Recorded: 06/28/2012
Notes: The beginning part is a bit off key but otherwise I don't feel too bad about this recording! If you hate it, please (nicely) tell me why, and if you love it, please say so. Thanks (:
Really like this rendition sounds great!
Posted by cck512 on 07/16/2012.
thank you (:
Posted by dakayla on 07/22/2012.
nicely done!
Posted by kedihost23 on 06/30/2012.
thank you very much (:
Posted by dakayla on 06/30/2012.
also, I have no idea how that first
comment happened. oops
Posted by Rawry on 06/29/2012.
Thank you and it is quite alright! (:
Posted by dakayla on 06/30/2012.
great cover
Posted by Rawry on 06/29/2012.
Great cover!
Posted by Rawry on 06/29/2012.
Posted by fishwo on 06/29/2012.
Thank you for listening (:
Posted by dakayla on 06/29/2012.
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