and now with MacBookPro and logic :D
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Age: 33
Hometown: Rome, Italy
About me:
Not the only one who plays piano!
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Recorded: 02/27/2011
Notes: only piano.. the vocals are not for me! :D
Wow! Maestro that's really amazing I
always like your playin it takes me to
another world where I cann image what I
want with no limit :) 5stars <3 <3 <3
Posted by didodream on 12/14/2011.
5*, excellent. Pink Floyd are like
nothing else, and fittingly enough, you
are a user quite unlike any other on
Midomi. Well done!
Posted by Tangent on 03/01/2011.
thank you so much tangent :)
Posted by donvito on 05/02/2011.
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