I miss you all my midomi friends! huhuhu where are you guys? I wanna know what happened to all of yo
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Age: 27
Hometown: philippines general santos
About me:
i am quite bad in singing but plss listen to my recordings and do leave some comments either good or bad haha i will ...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 02/18/2013
Like it! 8)
Posted by Liker on 08/07/2013.
thanks thanks thanks!!
God bless my friend hihihi
Posted by joshua14 on 01/12/2014.
amazing just like every time :D 5 stars
are a must :D
Posted by angelina on 02/20/2013.
oh thank you angelina my friend ^_^
Posted by joshua14 on 04/21/2013.
wow love it *-*
Posted by Louisee on 02/18/2013.
Hello Louisee thank you for loving it!
GB :)
Posted by joshua14 on 04/21/2013.
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