loves singing a capella after so long
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Age: 28
Hometown: India
About me:
Hey! I want to first thank everyone who had taken the time to listen, comment, rate or add me since without you guys ...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 03/26/2007
Notes: it could get a bit loud so hands on the speakers
better than the
Posted by catstar44 on 08/02/2007.
omg THANKSSSSSSSSSSS but havent u
already posted a comment for this????
ahahaha kwl......thank u =)
Posted by prirox on 08/02/2007.
muy bien felicidades...............
Posted by MAYTTE on 07/31/2007.
hmmm is tht spanish or french?????
lol........thank u, merci and
gracias!!!! lol....
Posted by prirox on 08/01/2007.
Posted by akwarelea on 05/29/2007.
thx so much!!! =DD
Posted by prirox on 05/31/2007.
thx so much!!! =DD
Posted by prirox on 05/31/2007.
thx so much!!! =DD
Posted by prirox on 05/31/2007.
thx so much!!! =DD
Posted by prirox on 05/31/2007.
oops........i clicked on sunmit 2 many
times!!! sorry!! lol
Posted by prirox on 05/31/2007.
oops sorry bout the squeeks...
Posted by catstar44 on 05/22/2007.
its ok!
Posted by prirox on 05/23/2007.
Posted by catstar44 on 05/22/2007.
omg thx a million!!!!!!! u hvnt been on
in so long............internet
Posted by prirox on 05/23/2007.
God Job! i love evanescence!*__*
Posted by SIMO1988 on 04/19/2007.
i love them 2!!!!!! Amy is an amazing
singer.............thx so much!!! u sing
gr8 2!!!
Posted by prirox on 04/19/2007.
you know she's my favourite right? this
is great!! have you tried 'lithium'? you
should definitely give it a go. well
done with this one again :)
Posted by Melvin on 04/29/2007.
ya i hv and uve listened to it......i
just replied to ur kwl comment....thx so
Posted by prirox on 04/29/2007.
I think you should sing more Evanescence

This song fits your voice

Posted by iwasfedexd on 04/06/2007.
wow thxso much!!!!!! mayb i will sing
more song of theirs......any
Posted by prirox on 04/09/2007.
Posted by bbstraimee on 03/30/2007.
Posted by prirox on 03/31/2007.
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