Abhipray and Monisha become parents of a baby girl
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Recorded: 08/11/2015
Notes: Hi Lovely Midomians !!!! Now a days great romantic weather 'Rainy season' is going on...every where greens !!! Rain drops falling ...suddenly this song came into mind. Singing with Kishore da gives pleasure and his most songs are comfortable to sing.....I used to sing his all songs in my boyhood.... let us enjoy the unwanted noises too of the begining...madam Manju Jain was sitting near and eating apples...he he so knife and spoons sound came....First i thought to delete...but then a thought came why to spoil natural beauty...he he ha ha...kindly enjoy kishore saheb and Jain Uncle Chorus.
Posted by its_chand on 09/18/2015.
You are very correct sir.
poems bhee suniye na...
Thanks for visiting and comments.
Posted by skjaindoha on 08/15/2015.
Popular and nice song Jain Sahab
Posted by dr.madan on 08/12/2015.
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