Age: 37
Hometown: Campbell, CA
About me:
I've been singing for most of my life. Although I'm not in choirs anymore, I still spend my driving time belting out ...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 04/20/2007
Notes: I need to do another, comp. went on the fritz. :)
4*'s :] check my stuff out too please?
Posted by CandyRazor on 07/14/2012.
very very god great job :)
Posted by zainab-T.H on 12/12/2007.
I ABSOLUTELY love your voice singing
this song!!!!

You sound a lot like her!

Like I swear if you added the music in
the background and put it on youtube,
i'm sure people wouldn't realize it was
Posted by iwasfedexd on 10/13/2007.
Listen to my cover please? I'm new
thanks :]
Posted by CandyRazor on 07/14/2012.
*head bangs*
Posted by MJ89 on 05/04/2007.
good voice. Try to breath in your
stumack. Can't spell that :D But you
know what I mean, don't ya? Keep it up!
Posted by aminin on 04/22/2007.
Yeah, I know what you mean... all that
diaphragm stuff. :) Until now I've just
been singing in my car, but now I can
actually hear myself... ick! I gotta
practice. haha, thanks for your comment!
Posted by spazzy on 04/22/2007.
I swear i've commented this song by you
Oh well!
Here I go again!!

I especially loved your tone for the
chorus area :) Very clear and well
Posted by Tinuel on 04/21/2007.
Thanks, now if I could just start out
that way! Haha! Thanks. :)
Posted by spazzy on 04/22/2007.
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