really ought to go and practice her ukulele. She is feeling slightly despondent about it........
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Hometown: Llanelli, Dyfed, Wales
About me:
A year of singing in a choir makes me think I can't sing at all.
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Recorded: 02/25/2007
Notes: Please let me know what you think.......
This song always makes me sad :´( but
its one of my favourites, so when I saw
it on your list I flew here to listen
to it! (now that my little technical
problem with midomi is sorted hurray!!

I didn't know that JC also sung this ,
I only knew Gordon L. version, so thank
for the info! ;-)
hehe well, yes, your voice sounds like
you could have a cold at the time, but
hun, I have to tell you this, its as
sweet and melodious as always ... I
loved it! :D
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/20/2008.
This really is a beautiful song, isn't
it? And it's something most of us can
relate to, the dying of love. Gosh, I
feel sad now - apart from your lovely
comment, Fallingsta, I really appreciate
your support and encouragement :)

Thank you so much :D
Posted by w00fdawg on 04/20/2008.
:`( *passes tissues* yes, its so sad
but so so beautiful... aww well, let me
join you in the crying , better let it
all out now ;-) and after this I will
go to listen to your pianola to cheer me
up heheheh
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/20/2008.
Thank you Gabrielle you are very kind -
I think I had a cold when I sang this
but it such a great song I can't go
wrong. I will go and listen to your
version of this Gabrielle - I bet it
will be great :)

Thank you very much for commenting
Ranger - your comments mean a lot :)
Posted by w00fdawg on 08/14/2007.
Well done. I have only just discovered
J. Cash do this. I agree, I love this
song. Much better slowed down.
Posted by gabrielle on 08/13/2007.
Thanks for bring out the true meanings
of my song. The voices and tempo did
Posted by ranger on 08/10/2007.
Thanks so much Kiarash, sorry for taking
so long to respond to this comment, I
didn't notice it............ :) This is
such a great song.............
Posted by w00fdawg on 03/07/2007.
Very nice. I actually dont think the
song does your voice justice.
Posted by Kiarash_M on 03/03/2007.
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